Two things I can’t live without, my camera and a travel bag.


Certified Professional Photographer

Double Major Bachelors Degree in Photography

From world renowned  Brooks Institute of Photography

Majors in:

Commercial Advertising

Industrial scientific

Minors in:





The passion

I have always had a passion for the world around us. I am dyslexic and I find it hard to “word” most of the time, but I found a deep connection in non verbal communication of photography. I enjoy showing you the world though my eyes.

Technical skill

I  grew up in a small town east of San Francisco and began taking photos with a 110 camera at the age of five (not my best work but I was having fun learning).

Moving to the oceanside town of Santa Barbara in 2000, I began school at the world renowned Brooks Institute of Photography where I earned a Bachelors in 2004 with a double major in Commercial Advertising and Industrial/Scientific photography.  I spent years learning how to harness and control light and time, and controlling  artificial lighting. Then I transitioned to outdoor learning to work with and understand mother nature. Later, I learned to softly merging studio and environmental lighting to create breathtaking images.

Back in the Bay Area, I am currently available for private sessions. 

All sessions are by Appointment Only.

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